Outlined below are the services provided by Free Enterprise Telephone. The scope of our activities includes installations, testing and any miscellaneous activities with each job.


Install all cables to each location
Lace each cable into workstation partitions
Terminate each cable on voice/data jack

Assemble each jack
Install Icons on each jack
Label each jack with location number

Assemble all data racks

Drill holes in floor for rack
Install anchors for mounting racks

Install all high density patch panels on rack
Install all wire managers on racks
Lace all cables into racks
Terminate all cables on patch panels
Label all patch panels to correspond to jack locations
Install feeders per floor requirements (600 - 1200) pair per floor
Mount all types of Termination Equipment on wall in IDF closet for voice and data needs

Terminate feeders in IDF closet
Terminate feeders in PBX room
Punch down voice cables on Termination block
Cross connect all feeders to voice pairs in IDF closet
Label all voice locations on Termination Equipment
Label all feeder locations in PBX/MDF room
Label all feeder locations in IDF closet

Install fiber innerduct from PBX room to IDF closet
Install fiber cable from PBX room to each IDF closet
Install fiber distribution box in PBX room
Install fiber distribution box in IDF closet
Terminate all fiber ends in PBX room, and IDF closet


Test all CAT 6A cables, CAT 6, CAT 5E cables, and CAT 5 cables to TIA/EIA standards

Test all data feeds from PBX room to IDF closet
Test all voice location pairs (Pins 1 through 4)
Test all voice feeder pairs
Test all fiber pairs
Report all Copper and Fiber tests to contractor


Free Enterprise Telephone provides building owner with applicable permit and provides certificate of insurance

Free Enterprise Telephone attends all job meetings from start to end of job

Free Enterprise Telephone coordinates all job installation and timing issues with General Contractor on the job

Free Enterprise Telephone provides first day in service support with technicians on site

Free Enterprise Telephone provides all miscellaneous material such as tie wraps, electrical tape, pull string, HILTI shots, HILTI tie wires and anchors for racks

Free Enterprise Telephone provides all installation equipment such as ladders, tools, and test equipment